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MK Delta Lands Group owns approximately 500 acres of lands in Delta.

Over the past decade, the company has been investigating how best to develop their lands
in ways that contribute to the economic and environmental prosperity of Delta.

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At this time, MK Delta Lands Group wishes to focus on properties that are located adjacent to the Hwy 91 connector (Nordel Way) and the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR)/ Hwy 17, where significant infrastructure investments have been made.

Some of MK Delta Lands Group’s properties offer opportunities for protection from future development, while others are best suited for much needed industrial uses that support a healthy economy and jobs in our community. It is the company’s desire to place high value industrial uses where it makes the most sense, near road, rail, river corridors and infrastructure investments.

We have brought together a team of highly experienced and well-respected biologists, hydrologists, agrologists, and engineers to direct our land use planning. With guidance from these scientific and technical experts, we have recently submitted a proposal to create a 112 acre high value industrial development in Delta, with access from the new SFPR/ Hwy 17, at the Sunbury Interchange. The proposed development also offers over 328 acres of MK Delta Lands Group’s property for transfer to the Corporation of Delta for protection from future development.

For more information on our development application and supporting reports, please visit the Corporation of Delta’s website at

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July Project Update
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