Show your support!

On Monday June 20, MK Delta Lands Group presented our proposal for an industrial park development to Delta Council.  That evening, Council gave the proposed development first and second reading, which starts the approval process.  A date for a public hearing for the development has been set: July 26, 2016 beginning at 6:00pm at the North Delta Recreation Centre.  

Public hearings are held to give members of the community the opportunity to share their thoughts on a development proposal under consideration by Council.  The Council members then take what they have heard from the public into consideration before arriving at their decision on the proposal.   Your attendance and participation in this public hearing process is very important for our project.  

Leading up to the public hearing, people from the community are encouraged to send a letter to Council outlining their views and interests.  You might think that Council only wants to hear from people who are opposed to the project. But, it’s actually equally, if not more, important for Council to hear from those that support the project.  

We hope that we can count on your support during this crucial phase of our project. We know you are busy, so here’s an easy way to show your support. Send an email to with the suggested information below.

Mayor & Council:

My name is (insert your name).  I am a resident of/business operator in Delta living at (insert your address).  I am writing to show my support for the MK Delta Lands Group proposed industrial development located at 7969 Highway 91 Connector, Delta.  

This project will:

  • Bring stormwater management solutions to the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area (BBECA) that will improve the water quality and water levels.
  • Protect 3 acres of land from future development for every acre that is proposed for development.
  • Support drainage and irrigation improvements on Westham Island, which will result in improved quality, quantity and diversity of crops that will sustain current farming operations.
  • Provide approximately 2744 permanent jobs, add 2.2 million square feet of modern industrial space and bring an estimated $2.5B in economic benefits to Delta.
  • Make available 7.6 acres of land to help in the construction of interchange improvements to the South Fraser Perimeter Road at the future Sunbury Interchange

I urge Council to approve this proposed industrial development application that includes official community plan, zoning amendment and exclusion of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Of course, your own comments carry a lot of weight.  Please feel free to add a personal story or point of view.

Every letter sent to the Mayor’s office is very important.  Please take the time to send your email today.  Again the address is

Please click here to see our most recent newsletter. Inside you will find the most recent details of our proposal.  In summary, here are the key benefits of the proposal:

  1. Environmental protection:  MK Delta Lands Group recognizes the importance of preserving the health of Burns Bog and are committed to the ongoing protection of the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area (BBECA).
    • We understand the significance of preserving the quantity and quality of water flowing into BBECA.  Currently, mineral-rich waters, which are detrimental to the overall health of Burns Bog, are entering the BBECA from surrounding areas.  With direction from our bog specialists and biologists, our proposal includes a stormwater management plan that will improve the water quality and water levels of BBECA.
    • We propose to transfer 328 acres of land to the Corporation of Delta for protection against future development.  Those 328 acres, along with development buffers, leave a total of 362 acres of peat undisturbed. In other words, for every 1 acre that is proposed for development, 3 acres will be protected.
  2. Agricultural enhancement:  MK Delta Lands Group is offering up to $6 million to Delta for drainage and irrigation improvements on Westham Island.  Farmers on Westham Island would benefit greatly from improved quality, quantity and diversity of crops that would sustain their current farming operations.  We are also proposing that our 193 acre property, referred to as Lot B, be added for inclusion into the Agricultural Land Reserve.
  3. Economic benefits:  The region is experiencing a critical shortage of industrial and employment lands.
    • This site could add 2.2 million square feet of modern industrial space to North Delta, which would expand business, jobs and the tax base.
    • The development would employ approximately 2744 permanent employees with a payroll of $164 million upon completion of the industrial park. This would add an additional $1.3 million in property tax revenue to the Corporation of Delta.
    • If we combine all of the direct and indirect economic benefits associated with this development, it is estimated that $2.5 billion in economic benefits could be attributed to this project.
  4. Traffic improvements:  The site is bordered to the north by the SFPR and Hwy 91 Connector. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is planning improvements to alleviate traffic congestion in this area.  MK Delta Lands Group has agreed to donate 7.6 acres from the site to facilitate the work to be done at the proposed new interchange.

Thank you for your support of the MK Delta Lands Group proposed industrial development application.  Please send your letter of support today to and mark July 26, 6:00pm in your calendar for our public hearing. If you are able to speak in support of this development application, it would make a big difference and bring us closer to delivering multiple benefits for Delta’s residents and businesses.